Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wildfires and Prayers

Just a quick post asking for prayers for the safety of our firemen and people in the area of all the wildfires. Also for those that have and might lose their homes.  My husband is a firefighter and he is at a large fire north of our city.  We have sustained 40 to 50 mph winds today.  All day.  It’s bad. 

Here’s some pics of the fire my husband is at right now.  I borrowed them from our newspaper’s Facebook page. 




Lots of dry grass and high winds are not a good combination. 

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for everyone involved.  Several years ago we had terrible tragedies from wildfires and they are expecting more of the same this year. 

UPDATE:  So far over 40 homes have burned and 2 businesses.  One business was a kennel for animals. Many of the animals died.  So sad.



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