Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Tisket, A Tasket, It's an Organizer Basket Redo

We spend a lot of time on our sofa.  We may be bordering on being called hermits.  We love being home.  Spending a lot of time on your sofa means you need things close by so you don’t to get off of your sofa and depart from your comfy zone. 

This causes our coffee table to look well…..bad.  It looks bad. 

IMG_5122 copy

Let’s take a tour of our mess.  This might be TMI (too much information).

IMG_5134 copy

My husband needs his glasses, remote and this long wire thing.  Wanna know what it is?  A tool for black heads.  No he doesn’t pick his black heads on the couch.  His ears drive him crazy and always itch and bother him so he has to scratch inside his ears and he uses this tool.  Doesn’t sound much better than picking black heads does it?  The joys of marriage.

I need lots more stuff.


I never know when I might need to cut something or write something down.


I might need to file a broken nail or use some lip balm.


The phone could ring and I always chew gum.


I might need my cord to download photos or the coaster in the background. 


We both need lotion and who wants to get up and get it?  Not me.

I had to come up with a solution to contain the clutter.

I found an organizer basket at Hobby Lobby.

IMG_5075 copy

There are divided compartments inside.

I spray painted it with Krylon in khaki.  Krylon should be happy I am blogging about them so much. 

IMG_5177 copy

And I glued a drawer pull onto the basket with Gorilla super glue.


And it turned out like this.


And I liked it, but I decided to glaze it up.

IMG_5153 copy

This glaze is from Benjamin Moor and it is Van Dyke Brown.  It seems kind of like a stain.  I like the color, but I don’t always like working with this glaze because it has a lot of fumes and is hard for me to work with sometimes.

IMG_5157 copy

The right side is glazed.  I was struggling with my photography today.  Not sure why.

I used a blow dryer to speed up the drying process and filled up my basket.

IMG_5176 copy

IMG_5167 copy

IMG_5173 copy

IMG_5174 copy

Much better huh?  Contained clutter is always better and I love a cute but functional project.  How about you?


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