Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Falling Leaves Photo

I love sharing outdoor shots at a Southern Daydreamer. 

This one is my son playing in all the leaves that fell off the tree at once on Thanksgiving.


Ok now for a funny shot.  I captured a leaf falling and it looks like it is an elf hat on my son’s head.


You can also see all the leaves on the ground.  It took my husband most Friday to get them cleaned up. 



Trendy Treehouse Shutter Love Tuesday

Give Thanks

My son is thankful for his faithful companion.




Themed Christmas Table Pt. 4–The Place Cards

I have finished up my last project for the table decorating contest I am entering.  I can’t wait to take all of the photos this weekend and share them with you.  I will show you my entire table and lots of other ones.  You won’t want to miss it. 

I used my Cricut to cut out 8 birds for my place cards and I used it for a stencil to make my pillows. 

Here is the cut out as a stencil.


If you missed the pillow post then you can read it here.

I used some distressed walnut stamp ink to make my birds look old and worn.  My friend with better handwriting than myself added the  names and then I hot glued them onto a branch left over from my DIY Pine topiaries you can read about here.  I also added a tidbit of greenery.  I think they are darned cute.  Much better than the generic ones they pass out at the event.




I sure hope the people sitting at my table love birds as much as I do. 




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Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Mantel

My mantel stays pretty much the same all year.  For fall I added some pinecone touches, but left my candles and mirror on the mantel.  I am doing the same for Christmas.

I added some greenery, moved my wreath to the middle of the mirror instead of on one side like I had it for fall, and added my stockings and hangers. 

Here it is ready for Christmas.




I have thought about putting photos instead of our names in the frames of the hangers. 

I made the stockings a few years ago.


I love the natural looking elements in this greenery.


The fireplace provides extra seating during the holidays.  It is a favorite spot especially when there is a fire.





The trim might be getting a makeover when I am off for a week at Christmas time.  Anyone want to come over and help me paint?  Anyone?

Thanks for stopping by.




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Themed Christmas Table Pt 3-No Sew Burlap Bird Pillows


Last week I shared some of my Christmas Tea Table Décor that I have put together.  You can read about the chair covers here and the napkins here.  I am working on eight cute little pillows to add to the chairs.  My table theme is birds of a feather flock together.

My plan was to sew them, but when I removed my sewing machine from the closet the spool holder flew off and I can’t find it.  I have ordered a new one, but need pillows done by Thursday night and I work all week.  We decorate the tables Thursday night and Friday morning.  They are judged on Friday afternoon  and the winners are announced on Saturday morning during the tea/brunch.   So no time to wait for a spool holder to be delivered by mail.

I am following the motto of Keep Calm Carry On and improvising by gluing the pillows together instead of sewing them.  It is actually working out fine. 

Here is one all done.


I think it is adorable. 

Here’s how I made it.

I bought some sand bags.


I used my rotary cuter to cut the bag in the middle 10 inches wide.



The bag is sewn on each side.  One thick seam and one regular one.



I glued upholstery webbing across the middle.



And then I stenciled a little bird on the corner.



I glued one edge shut and let it dry a bit and then added cotton stuffing, but not much.  I glued the other end shut and ended up with a cute little decorative no sew pillow. 


I have some larger potato sacks that I decided not to use for chair covers.  I was thinking of doing a giveaway with some.  Would anyone be remotely interested in winning them? 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my cute pillow.  I have lots more posts coming up. 


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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cone Topiary Trees


Recently I made a topiary cone tree using sticks hot glued onto the paper form.


You can see that post here.  I have added 2 more trees to my collection. 

I made one with small pinecones using a styrofoam form painted dark brown and a glue gun. 




And I made one by wrapping twine around the paper tree form and hot gluing it in places.  I also dry brushed a little burnt umber paint onto it to darken it up.




I filled my wooden bowl with some pine cones and green Christmas balls.



And I hung some balls with ribbon and tape from my mirror.






Are you taking down your fall décor and putting up Christmas yet?  I can’t believe we only have a few more days left in November.  Where does the time go?



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Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Collection of Fireman Ornaments and A few Other Special Ones

I wanted to share my collection of fireman ornaments I started when my husband and I got married 14 years ago.   Now I am stuck with always having some red in my tree.  There are a few I didn’t get photos of, but here is the majority of them.


Are you blinded by all the red? 

I also have some of my mom’s ornaments.  She loved making them.  I have the ugliest one ever that was on our tree when I was a baby.  I think they covered the tree.  I just have one of them.  It is an ugly pink angel that is attached with a pipe cleaner.  I love her though and she will always have a spot on my tree.


Sad isn’t she? 

My mom and I made those window sun catcher type ornaments one year.  My son loves the one I made and always hangs it in front of a light.


One year my mom made clothes pin character ornaments.


We both painted some wood ornaments when I was little.


She made panty hose ornaments.


And we always painted ceramic ornaments.  I have some that I have done as an adult too.  This is my favorite one she made.  I can still remember sitting at the table as a little girl painting together. 


I had to buy a new tree.  I wanted a cute skinny one, but my son fell in love with this huge tree so that is what we got.  I am not sure what I think of it yet. 

Here she is finally decorated and lit up.


I guess I will always have a tree that can have any kind of ornament hung on the branches because my collections are sentimental to me. 

Do you have any special ornaments?



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