Monday, February 14, 2011

Bokeh Party Time is Here

Bokeh Linky Party

I hope you have been practicing getting blurry backgrounds and have lots of great pics to post to the linky party.  I am looking for ideas for the next photo party so if you have one leave a comment. 

I bought some tulips and practiced my shots in front of my bay window so I would get a lot of light.

There is a cabinet, chair, curtains and a window in the background of this shot.  I added a slight haze to this photo for a more dramatic blurred effect.

IMG_4659 copy

In this shot the closest tulip is focused and the background tulips  are blurry.  I also added a texture to this one for more interest.

IMG_4702 copy

This one the entire background became blurry and dark. The background area was on open doorway into another room. 

IMG_4649 copy

This is the same shot using different editing techniques in Photoshop Elements.

Vintage Look

IMG_4649 copy2

I used a texture from Kim Klassen Café blog to get this look.  Here is the texture.

february magic

And the photo with the texture added.

IMG_4649 copy3

Looks really neat huh? 

Ok it’s time for you to show off your shots.  I have really been looking forward to this party.

*If you missed the posts on “What is Bokeh and how to get it” then go here and here to read about it.

P.S.  Please say a little prayer for my 4 legged family member Harley.  She is going through her 2nd bout with pancreatitis.  The first one was last weekend.  I think a vet finally figured out the cause, but it can be deadly to dogs and we lover her so.  Here’s a little photo of her that makes me laugh.  I just took this on Friday.




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