Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Night and the Winner of the Watch

The trick or treating seems to be coming to an end.  I had fun seeing all of the cute costumes.  I dressed my dog up.

IMG_6148 IMG_6155

She was not thrilled. 

I went down to the neighbors who had a spooky yard.

IMG_6271 IMG_6273 IMG_6274 IMG_6277

My son dressed up last minute as a silly burglar to join his friend the vampire.


My husband and I sat on the couch and watched football and waited for the doorbell to ring.


I am so excited to have a pony tail.  It has been a year since my  hair was long enough.

I have to show you a couple more photos before I announce the winner.  This is the son of a friend who came to trick or treat before it got dark.  He was dressed as a  pirate.

IMG_6196 IMG_6212

I could hardly get a pic.  He would not quit moving.  I forget how busy little ones are.  How do any of you get any projects done with little ones?  I am impressed. 

Ok finally the winner is…..



Crystal Ann @ Livin the Dream

Congrats.  I didn’t see an email on your profile, but I will send you a comment on your blog.  Let me know your email and I will send your watch to you.

Thanks for entering and following.  I really do appreciate it.


My BIG Bathroom Sign

Oh I am so happy.  My bathroom sign turned out perfectly.  I practiced making a sign first before I attempted the big one.  You can see how I did it here.
I have wanted to make a big sign since the day I saw my blogging friend Michelle’s Nantucket sign at her blog Emerald Cove.  I know you want to see it so go here.
I am a dental hygienist.  Bathroom art is a hard one.  So I just went with what I know.  Recently I posted about my $5 Wall Art.  I took a photo of our toothbrushes.  Printed it and stuck it in a cheapo matted frame.
I had the perfect idea for a sign to go with it.
I bought a huge board.
White washed it.
Dry brushed it.
Painted over it with watered down brown paint.
And sanded it lightly.
The dry brushing gave it texture under the watered down brown paint and the sanding softened and aged it all. 

I used these paints.


I was asked how I paint my stencils.


I use my favorite stencil brush and put a light coat of paint on it which I dab onto a plate a few times before I use it.  If you get too much paint on at once it will bleed under your stencil.  I also hold my stencil down in the area that I am working on.  I make them with paper so they are just laying flat on the board with only the edges taped. 
Now to show you one of my favorite projects ever…….
It goes perfectly with my toothbrush art and my son should  never forget to brush his teeth now. 


As soon as I come up with the right wording for my family room, I am making another one of these.  I might have a sign addiction now. 

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Happy Halloween and a Flash From the Past

My favorite Halloween costume was when my son was one year old.  He made the cutest lion.  The costume even came with what looked like panty hose.  I was dying while putting them on my little boy. 

I thought I would wish everyone a Happy Halloween and share my favorite costume of my sweet little boy back in 1999.


Here is he is now. 


My how time flies.  Enjoy your babies tonight and be safe.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Candy and Teeth


A while back I did a poll asking if dental posts would be ok and the majority said yes.  I don’t think I will do very many because there were enough that said no and this is not a health blog. 

Halloween is tomorrow and I have some helpful hints about all of that candy.  You would think as a dental hygienist I would be against candy and I am about to lecture that you shouldn’t let your kids have any.  Wrong.  I love Halloween and I love candy, but it is really bad for teeth. 

However, all things in moderation seem to be ok.  If you let your child have access to their candy 24/7 then the chances of cavities increases.  Instead choose a time that they can have some of their candy and then encourage them to drink water with it and brush after if possible. 

The sticky candy (Laffy Taffy) and long lasting (Jolly Ranchers) are the worst. 

It is the frequency of sugar that breaks down the teeth.  Putting a little sugar in your mouth all day long is worse then sitting down for 30 minutes and eating as much candy as you can at one time. 

For example.  If you get a large soda every day and sip it all day long you will get cavities.  If you get that same soda and drink it down with your lunch, then your chances greatly decrease. 

Kids should see a dentist by at least age 5.  The permanent teeth normally start to come in at about age 6.  Kids need to brush on their own to learn how, but until age 8 parents should always help their child brush at least once a day.  Kids don’t have great coordination and let’s face it, they just don’t want to spend very long scrubbing their teeth.


Floss is the only way to clean in between.  I love the throw away flossers.


They make it so much easier to get the job done.

I think fluoride is VERY important.  Think of it like polyurethane.  A coat of it will protect your furniture and make it durable.  Fluoride does the same for teeth.  It makes the teeth harder and stronger.  It is really important for kids with braces.  I recommend prescription strength. 

Ok lecture time is over.  Have a Happy and Safe Halloween tomorrow. 


Friday, October 29, 2010

Practice Sign

Because I have never made a sign, I thought I should attempt a little one before I move on to the big bathroom sign I have planned.  I took a scrap piece of unpainted board from my bench project and dry brushed it with several colors. 


I made a stencil with my Cricut.


Added a little dark brown to the red and painted the stencil.



I probably should have left it alone, but I decided to sand it a bit.

I kind of like the before I sanded better, but it’s ok since it is a practice sign and learning experience.




Yep, I have an ugly ceiling that I am not motivated enough to do anything about.   Oh the things I could get done if I didn’t work outside the home.  At least that’s what I tell myself.

If I find the motivation tomorrow I am starting on the big daddy sign.  Wish me luck.



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Rustic Wood Tray And Beautiful Colored Bottles

Lat weekend I bought a rustic tray from an antique mall.  It caught my eye a week or so before and I didn’t buy it.  I kept thinking about it and decided to go back and see if it was still there.  It was and now it’s mine.  

I knew it would look perfect with a collection of bottles inside it.  I already had one old bottle that is clear with a neat metal cap. Then I found some colored ones online at West Elm which is a bit modern, but I thought the bottles looked vintage.   Here is a link.

I placed them all in my tray with a few other elements and put it on my newly redone side table


I bought the gray and olive bottles to go with my clear one.  The gray one is on the left.  I love it. 


The handles are uneven in size.  I think it give it creates character.


I love the cracks, nail heads showing and the weathered wood.  All the old crevices held a ton of dirt in them.  I used our air compressor to spray it all out.  It worked like a charm.


I have a touch of fall in my tray for now and I will change it for Christmas. 






I am glad the tray was still there.   I know it is something I will enjoy for a long time.   


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$5 Bathroom Art

This is my 2nd attempt of trying to make some artwork for my bathroom wall.  My first attempt was a disaster.  If you really want to see it you can go here

My 2nd attempt is a photograph I took of our toothbrushes and printed at home.  I placed it in a $5 Walmart frame that already had a mat. 


I have a sign that I am making soon for another wall in this room.  I hope to get started on it soon. 

Here’s my $5 art.


Tight spaces and glares make photography difficult.  With any luck I will have a sign to show you soon.


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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Few Photos For Outdoor Wednesday

Photography is a love I am finally pursuing.  I am taking a beginner’s photo class to learn more about my camera.  I practiced a few outdoor shots this weekend and I wanted to share them at  A Southern Daydreamer’s Outdoor Wednesday.


This is a pretty house on my favorite street in my neighborhood.  Most of the homes were built in the 60s and 70s.  This home is much newer and on an awesome corner lot.  I love the window boxes and fall flower beds.


Trees are a rare thing in my part of Texas.  This same house happens to have a wonderful tree lined street that I also love.

One morning I found the moon still out.


And dew on my mums.


Later the sun was shining brightly in a hay field.


And then the day ended with a beautiful sunset.



I am suppose to learn how to branch out of auto mode on my camera this Thursday.  I hope you can see some improvement in my photos as I learn. 

Thanks for stopping by.



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