Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Project 52 Week 9 A Great Leap

Another week sped by and I didn’t have much time to take this week’s theme photo.  It’s been really windy here as well.  Today was fairly nice so I took my faithful photo model dog outside and made her leap out of the truck.  It felt like nothing special or creative so I added another photo on top of it that I took and made it like a texture.  Now it looks like Izzy is taking a leap of faith. 


20120229-IMG_7661-2 20120222-IMG_7510 copy

The Hope Faith Love photo is a section of fence in an alley down the street from me.  I have other photos of the murals on the fence that I will be sharing soon. 

I am pretty excited about a couple of things.

1) I get to take photos of a newborn baby on Friday.  I am excited to try something new. 

2) Last year when I was very new to photography I got to take photos of Brett Michael’s visiting kids at the hospital.  You can read about it here.  One of my photos is in our local magazine called Accent West.  How cool is that? 


project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

Our Other 2 Pets–The Grow a Frog and the Used to Be Gold Goldfish

Most of you know about my sweet dogs Izzy and Harley since I mention them often. 


My son got a Grow A Frog for his 8th birthday.  He will be 14 in April so the frog is about 6 years old now.  When you open the package which contains a small plastic tank there is information inside so that you can order your frog.  A see through tadpole comes in the mail.  You grow him into a frog and then you change his tank and food.  We change the frogs water every few months.  It should probably be done more often, but the frog has survived this long so I guess it’s ok. 


He lives on top of my son’s dresser.


Our goldfish is about 4 and a half years old.  He has really grown.  He use to be a pretty orange color, but I put him in a room for a while that didn’t get a lot of light and he lost his color except on his lips and the tips of his fins. 


Now the goldfish lives under a window on my little bench my husband and I made. 


Do you have any unusual pets?  I bet you want to get yourself a Grow A Frog now.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring Front Door Floral For the Front Door

My metal basket by the front door is one of my favorite  things to change up for the change of seasons.  I really like how this years turned out.  I used some purple for the first time and I reused my magnet chalkboard frame that I attach to the metal container.

chalkboardframemagnetffrontdoor floral2




This might be my best one yet. 


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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Vintage Crate aka Izzy’s Toy Box

Today my son and I had one of our dates on Route 66.  We ate at the Golden Light Café and then shopped at a couple of our favorite antique stores.  I found a crate I fell in love with along with a small metal chalkboard.  I want to use them for some photo shoots in the future, but I also thought it would make a great toy box for my dog Izzy.  She has been eating pieces off of her wicker basket so it needed replaced. 

I love love love this crate. 


I used a thumb tack to attach the cool chalkboard to the crate from the inside.


I think what made me fall in love with my crate is the nails.  I love old nails and wood with patina.



Izzy isn’t too sure about reaching into her new box to get her toys but she can do it.




I love when I find old pieces that draw  me in and beg me to take them home.  Especially when they work out as well or better than I had planned in my head.



I don’t think I will mind picking up her toys and putting them away because I really like looking at this crate.  Problem is I put them away and she usually takes them right back out. 


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My Son’s Dark Room Using Spot Metering

We tested out the new sheets curtains to see how they worked keeping the sun out.  The room redo really started with his request to block out the sun.  We pulled them closed last night and this morning the doubled over sheets for curtains did their job.



This photo got me to thinking if you my readers knew about spot metering.  You have to use your manual setting to use spot metering.  I metered on the light so I could show you how dark the room stays with the curtains closed.  Do you know about spot metering?  Would you like to know more about it?  I haven’t done a photography lesson in a while. 


Friday, February 24, 2012

Teen Room For My Son

This room is finally done.  I spent today making curtains from Walmart sheets and getting them hung so I could take photos of the finished room.  I almost ran out of light because I was shooting the pics about 30 minutes before sundown.  Nothing like getting done at the last minute. 

Here is the view as you enter the room.


There were a lot of changes in here.  We painted the walls from a light tan/cream color to gray.  I used Sherwinn Williams Silverplate.  It has more of a blue tint it than I expected, but it works in this room. 

It goes well with all the furniture I painted using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in graphite.  This paint made the furniture painting go really fast.  I used 2 cans of paint and have a little bit left.  I gave everything a coat of clear wax.  My favorite piece is the chest the was my  husband’s.  I shared about the redo here.



His new chair I talked about here was a perfect choice for him to kick back and watch tv or play video games.  The armoire helps hide it all when he isn’t using them.


I showed y’all my chalkboard closet doors redo here.


His headboard got painted and we found new bedding at Pottery Barn Teen.


I found the sheets and bed skirt at Walmart.  The light gray sheets match the walls almost exactly.

We replaced his white and gold ceiling fan and painted the wood curtain rods with my Krylon aluminum spray paint and black glaze.  They were an orangey oak color before you can see the fan and rods here.


His fence section Coca Cola sign I made for him is above the bed.  You can see how I made it here.  He asked for a Coca Cola room so I tried to accommodate him. 


The Route 66 sign was from Wuslu.  Route 66 just happens to run through our city. 



We already had some soda crates I found on Craiglist last year.  I used a couple on top of his armoire.


And another one by his industrial lamp I made him and talked about here along with a vintage fan I already had.


We removed the books on his shelf that were for young kids and put them in the attic.  He kept a few that we put on the bottom shelf and in some baskets I got from Target last year.


The red metal locker looking bin on the side of the shelf was from Target too.  I spray painted it red.  I will have to post about the things on his shelf.  He has a few special items displayed.

I thought I had more before photos of his room, but I don’t.  Here is one so you have an idea what it looked like before.

davidroom copy

And now.


I am so glad to be done.  Now if I can talk myself into painting the trim in the family room…………


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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Project 52 Week 8 Cabin Fever

My husband and son go outside every chance there is decent weather to play catch with the football.  I asked them to stop for a moment so I could take their photo for this week’s theme. 

20120217-IMG_7311 copy2

Hopefully spring is just around the corner and they will have more and more days that they can get outside for some father/son time. 


project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Industrial Lamp, Vintage Fan and a Soda Crate

I found a home for David’s industrial lamp I created.  You can see how I did that here.  I placed the lamp on his long dresser that sits in front of a window.  I added one of his soda crates to the grouping and stole my vintage fan from the guest room.  The gray blue color of it was perfect in his new room.


At Christmas time there Coca Cola had 4 packs of vintage looking bottled Cokes.  We bought one and David saved a few of the bottles. 


The bottles go well with the grouping and catch the light from the window.


He is lucky to have such great light coming into his room, but he doesn’t think so when it is early in the morning.  That is why I am trying to make him some curtains that keep the sun out and can be pulled back and let the sun shine through.  It was 73 degrees today.  It motivated me to go outside for a run.  Smile

All this gray is really growing on me and I am liking the contrasting pops of red in the room such as in the frame on the wall.


And the other soda crate on his armoire that is Coca Cola and red.


That chrome lantern was my mom’s.  I don’t know where she got it, but I think it is so cool and I love it!  She would enjoy his room because she loved antiques and vintage. 

I want to share a couple more photos with added texture. 



Adding textures makes photos fun and creative. 

Have you mixed industrial and vintage in any of your rooms?  I would love to hear about it.


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