Saturday, February 19, 2011

Suitcase Redo With a Friend and Spray Paint Prize

One of my good friends was asked to do some projects for an auction by the Junior League. It is a fundraiser for one of there many community services. We have a couple of suitcases to redo and a stool. She brought me a primed suitcase and I used Krylon's metallic spray paint in Dark Andz Bronze. Weird name huh? It really isn't very metallicy. I know that's not a word. It is one of the 6 spray paints I won from the DIY Club. Funny thing, my project I won with was a suitcase redo. I got a huge list of choices and was able to pick any 6 I wanted.


My friend took a before photo of the suitcase, but I don’t have it.  It was an ugly brown. 

Here’s the after.  I used my Hobby Lobby bird stencil on it. 


It was gorgeous here today.  I got my garage cleaned a bit and started on cleaning my flower beds.  I am loving this weather. 

Want to see my pretty friend who is working on these with me?

IMG_5070 copy

I took a pic of her and her handsome son today when she brought the suitcase by.  Her name is Traci also.  Mine is with a y though. 

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you are getting some sunshine too.


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