Friday, February 28, 2014

Harley is Diabetic

My sweet older miniature schnauzer has developed diabetes.  I noticed she was drinking water excessively and I took her to the vet.  She was already in a diabetic ketoacidosis.  She had to stay at the animal hospital from Friday morning until Monday morning.  We have been working on getting her blood glucose leveled.  She has lost so much muscle mass and after almost 4 years of being blind, she is now slow and very cautious.  This week she finally showed some perkiness and I took her outside to get a photo.


I never knew she could curl her tongue. 

I love her so much and I am glad we get more time with her.  She takes her insulin shots like a champ.  So many people give up on dogs when they get old.  Harley still brings joy to our family at 13 years old despite all of her ailments. 


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Photos and Quotes

I love to find quotes that go with photos I take.  I have two of them to share with you. 

I made this little pillow with fabric swatches and added this quote to the photo.

5W3A8259quote copy

And I saw paw prints from my sweet dog Izzy in the backyard today.  I took a photo and created this.

5W3A8264-Editbw2 copyx

Do you have a favorite quote?


Wooden Coasters with a Touch of Gold

I made some coasters for our new coffee table.  I bought 4 unfinished wood squares from Hobby Lobby.


I stained them with Miniwax dark walnut.


And used stencils and a metallic gold acrylic paint  to add some designs. 


I painted the edges with the gold paint as well.


And finished them off with a coat of poly. 


Friday, February 7, 2014

New Coffee Table and Sneak Peaks of Family Room Redo

I mentioned we ordered a sectional and the color was all wrong for the room.  We get to use the sectional until our new one is delivered in March.  Gotta love great customer service.  Our old coffee table was rectangular and I could not find the perfect square coffee table to fit the sectional.  I did find an unfinished table that is shipped unassembled.  I knew it would work. 


Here is what the table looked like unfinished.  I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on the table in Chateau Grey with clear wax.



We added some coasters to the legs so I could move the table around easily and we made a pine board top for the table.  I wanted it to have a two toned look and be easy to clean because we use the heck out of our coffee table. 

My husband’s friend helped him join five pine boards together using a biscuit joining method and then we screwed it onto the table from the under side after I stained and used poly on the top. I used Miniwax jacobean stain for the first coat and the second coat was dark walnut. Then I used a water based poly from Benjamin Moore.




My storage baskets are huge and fit perfectly inside the table. 

I  am adding some coral through out the room.  I really like green, gold and coral all mixed together.  I have ordered a rug that I have photoshopped into the photo below and the new sectional colors are part of the pic as well.

Living room colors

5W3A8129 copyps

It will be fun to see how much different the room will look with the new sectional.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I chose the current one.  It looked so much darker in the showroom. 

I STILL never got around to painting the oak trim in this room.  So much work, so little time.  However, here is what it looks like right now.  I wanted to show you the hints of coral throughout the room.






I got my inspiration for the coral color from my fireplace stones.


Thanks for stopping by.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Few Changes in Our Family Room. Adding a Pop of Coral.

We ordered a sectional.  I have always despised them, but my husband really wanted one.  Our chair was tearing and our sofa was sagging so something had to be done.  So the sectional was ordered and delivered, but it doesn’t get to stay.  I love the function, but the color is all wrong.  Luckily it gets to stay until the new one arrives in a color that should go better with the room. 

In the meantime, I am adding pops of coral to the room and I am making a new square coffee table. 

Changing the color of a frame is the easiest way to add new fresh colors to a room.  I had a silver frame that I painted with some coral paint, added some gold paint for highlights and some dark brown glaze because I like how it adds depth. 




I will show you more later. 

Bonus photo is Izzy ready for the Super Bowl.

5W3A8068-Edit copy



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