Sunday, February 20, 2011

Make Your Own CD Cover

Way back in December I took photos of my friend and his pregnant wife.  I have been holding onto the photos because I wanted to keep learning how to edit them.  Well now that their baby is over a week old I am finally getting them their pics.  I have been using a plastic ziplock bag to  hold my photo cds, but I thought this called for something a little more special than that. 

I just knew some crafty person out there would know how to make a cd pattern and would even share that pattern.  I was right.  I found the website Chica and Joe.  I used the download provided for the tutorial to make a template.  You can find it here.  

IMG_5208 copy

I printed my template and followed the tutorial to make the cover.  I wanted to add my own touch to the cover so I printed a label using my Photoshop Elements program.


And this is how it turned out.

IMG_5203 copy

The back has a little slot so  you can pull the cd out.

IMG_5205 copy

IMG_5207 copy

Here’s a few special shots on the cd. 




I get to take photos of their sweet baby girl sometime soon.  I can’t wait. 



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