Saturday, February 5, 2011

Copycat Challenge

IMG_4360 copy

The other day I had a brainstorm that fit perfectly with the theme of Funky Junk and Miss Mustard Seed’s copycat challenge. 

Sunburst mirrors have my attention right now.  I really like them.  If you read my blog then you know I am all about rustic and nature so it only made sense to make a rustic natural sunburst mirror right?

It also seemed like something Donna would do.  In true Donna FJI fashion I went to my neighbor’s yard and gathered Weeping Willow sticks from his yard and brought them home.


I cut them to the size I wanted and began hot gluing them to a small grapevine wreath. 



I hot glued a round mirror to the back and added a DISC plate hanger. 


I hung it in my guest room.

IMG_4350 copy2

Now to add Miss Mustard Seed’s style with it and then I get a combo decorating effect and one post!  That’s using the old noggin. 

First I had to find a vintage black and white photo.  A pewter looking vase and a glass doorknob to go on top of my white glazed dresser. 

IMG_4358 copy

IMG_4366 copy

IMG_4373 copy

I think their styles merge together beautifully.  I am loving the look.   What do you think?  Did I pull off the copycat challenge? 

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