Friday, February 11, 2011

Cubby Shelf And Vintage Cameras

I am finally done with the project that felt like it took forever. 

I am just gonna show it to you and then I will backtrack. 

IMG_4838 copy

The shelf came from my mother in law’s house after she passed away and it has hung in our garage for about 2 and half years and use to look like this.


My husband karate chopped the wood trim on the top and bottom to see if  they would come off and yep they did.



A couple of nails had to be cut off and most were pulled out. 

And then the painting from you know where.  First mistake was using a regular paint brush and not a Purdy.  Cassie @ Primitive and Proper preaches on Purdy brushes, but did I listen.  Nooooo. 

So I used some Deglosser on the shelf and painted it with my Martha Stewart sample in Oolong Tea.

IMG_4438 copy

IMG_4439 copy copy


Can you see my bad brush marks from my bad brush? 

I finally got it all painted and thought it was too stark and needed to be glazed.


Let’s just say I am not good at glazing things with little cubbbies.  So I repainted with the bad brush.

Then I decided to dry brush some dark brown on it.  I got carried away.


Are you done laughing yet?  I know it’s UGLY!  So my brilliant self decided to dry brush some green back on it and that didn’t work either. 

Finally, I got out my Purdy brush that I had, but didn’t use and put a fresh coat of paint from my new sample that I had to go buy and was back at square one.  I have to say that the brush allowed me to paint so much faster.  They really do work better.  I tried to live with it while I waited for one of my cameras to come in the mail and I couldn’t. 

I held my breath and lightly dry brushed on some glaze and rubbed it off and soon as I painted it on.  It worked.  Thank goodness or this shelf might be sitting in the alley. 

Now the fun part. My Brownie vintage camera finally came in the mail today and wouldn’t you know, it was too long for the cubbies so I put it on the top of the shelf.

IMG_4855 copy

And I got this neat camera from an antique shop.

IMG_4859 copy

I like how the lens has those glass bubbles all around it. 

I bought this Kodak Junior camera from Ebay.  It’s my favorite.

IMG_4845 copy

And I bought this camera back in 2000 and never learned how to use it other than like a point and shoot.  I am happy I have done better with my digital SLR than I did with this one.

IMG_4849 copy

I will probably replace it with a vintage camera at some point.

I also filled my shelves with vintage camera ads and asked permission to do so.  I was told I could and that anyone can, but they do ask that you link to them.  I found the ads here at Vintage Ad Browser.   It is a cool site that is full of all kinds of vintage ads.  You will love it.

I also used a painted wooden “D” and some numbers along with some frames, a tripod, lens and a filter. 

IMG_4867 copy

IMG_4868 copy


IMG_4840 copy


IMG_4869 copy


IMG_4866 copy


IMG_4833 copy

I have to tell you I was feeling smug and excited because I was being so original and unique and then I saw this at Pottery Barn.

Cubby Organizer, Natural stain

And this.

Cubby Organizer, Chippy White

I did get the ideas for the ad holders from PB after I saw this shelf, but I totally thought I was original putting vintage cameras in it. 

I am happy to have a display that represents something I really love.  Do you have a collection that you love?   If ya do, what is it?


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