Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Porch 2012

I mentioned that I would be reusing my fall décor so if you have been following my blog you may feel a déjà vu.  I did add some faux pumpkins and real pumpkins.  I think this year I will put some of the pumpkin seeds in my flower beds in the backyard and see if I can grow my own pumpkins for next year.  Those suckers are getting expensive. 


I used my chalkboard sign I made for the fall season 2 years ago.  It has held up well. 


I got a couple of mums from the grocery store and added one to one of the baskets I bought last year. 


My Autumn pillow I made is a bit water stained, but it is still doing well also.  I think this is it’s 3rd time on the porch for Fall. 


IMG_5742-1 copy

I added the ladder behind the bench this summer. 



I put a small twig wreath and 3 little pumpkins on it. 


I already showed you my wall metal container.


And my metal container by the door looks pretty much like last year.


I had to do a quick trim on the shrubs so my pumpkins would show up better.


One thing always leads to another.  Doesn’t it? 


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Race for the Cure 2012

A good friend of mine was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  She caught it very early and it looks like she will be just fine.  She found the lump herself and had it checked to be safe.  Thank goodness she did.  Do your self breast exams.  It could save your life!  Anyway, 2 weeks ago she had the tumor removed and a few lymph nodes.  The lymph nodes came back negative for cancer and the margins around the tumor were clear so she is now cancer free.  

I formed a team in honor of her for this year’s Race for the Cure and designed a shirt for us all to wear at the event. 

thankfulfortraci copy

If you need a shirt design for your Race for the Cure team, I will be glad to try and help you.  I named our Team, Thankful for Traci, because we love her and we are glad to have her in our lives.  She likes black and white polka dots and green.  And because it is breast cancer we had to have some pink! 

I ran the 5K (3.1) miles in the competitive run with my friend Kali.  She did awesome and it was her first 5K.  Then we walked it with the rest of our team.  It is amazing how many people turn out for the event.  This pic gives you an idea.


Here is a photo of our team.  I labeled myself and my friend on the pic.

raceforthecure copy

It was raining really hard this morning and it quit right before the event and started back up right after.  Thank you God for a dry race.  Smile 

Thanks for stopping by. 


Friday, September 28, 2012

Wall Container Full of Fall

I added just a few new touches to my wall container that I change up for the seasons.  I mentioned earlier that I don’t want to buy all new stuff when I already have stuff flowing out of too many nooks and crannies. 


I bought some new faux orange pumpkins from Hobby Lobby.  It’s the big one in the pic above.  And I found a new fall floral stem from my grocery store that has the golden sunflower on it. 


I just love Fall.  It’s my favorite time of year.

IMG_5720 copy

I will tweak some more things on my porch this weekend.  I have been busy preparing everything for my Race for the Cure event tomorrow.  I designed some cute shirts.  I will share about it tomorrow. 


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2012 Decorated Pumpkin for Work

If you have followed my blog for a while then you now that my dental office coworkers and myself decorate a pumpkin to bring to the office for the month of October.  Last year we raffled them and the proceeds went to Susan B Komen Race for the Cure.  This year they will go to Snack Pak 4 Kids.  It’s an organization that supplies food to hungry kids so they won’t go to bed hungry at night. 

My pumpkin this year is an owl in a tree.  I painted an orange pumpkin to look like a tree, but my son thinks it looks more like a walnut. 


It does kind of look like a walnut.  I had to take this photos at night.  I ran out of daylight.  Story of my life. 

I used a tool from Lowes to create the faux bois.


I am sure it works better and is easier to do on a flat surfaces compared to a round indented object. 


I will be posting pics of my walnut pumpkin and the ones my coworkers done soon. 


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quick Trip To Santa Fe, NM

It has been 12 yrs since my husband and I took a trip without our son.  We did a quick overnight stay in Santa Fe, NM.  He wanted to drive his car and I wanted to take some photos.  I thought I would share a few of them with you. 

We stopped in Santa Rosa to see the Blue Hole and to take a peak at a car museum. 


I had the wrong lens and the sun made terrible shadows, but here is my husband in front of the Blue Hole which is very deep and very very blue. 


Dan wanted a shot of his car in front of the museum.


Santa Fe was busy even though we went on a Thursday.  I can’t imagine what it is like during high tourist season.  We parked the car at the hotel and walked everywhere. 

I enjoyed seeing all the different people and took some street shots of a few of them.

My favorite shot was of this man I named, The Drifter.  He looked so cool in this shot.

drifter-1 copy

But then this shot he looked lost and a bit sad.


I regret not sitting by him and talking to him, but fear kept me away.  I wish it hadn’t.  I had a zoom lens so he never even knew I captured images of him. 

I also thought these 2 people sitting and visiting in the Plaza looked pretty neat.


I tend to be drawn to people that are very different from myself.  I noticed this couple while my husband and I listened to a man play his guitar and we ate our ice cream.


Santa Fe décor is not my style, but I loved capturing the images and colors of it. 



If you do love the look of Santa Fe there are many opportunities to purchase items from the local vendors or the hundreds of stores that line the streets.




Santa Fe is full of history and religion.  The churches are beautiful.

If you have time to Google the story of the staircase of the Loretto Chapel, it is very interesting.  Here they are.




The stairs were amazing and Chapel was just gorgeous.



The tree outside of this church was full of Rosaries.

IMG_5585-1-3 copy

I forgot the name of this church but the inside was breath taking.


And the oldest church and house were next to each other.







Doors were kinda small back then. 

I got really excited to find a camera shop.


But the inventory was very slight. 

The architecture is so different in Santa Fe.





It was really fun to explore parts unknown.


A quick overnight trip was perfect for us to reconnect and have some fun.  We will definitely do another one.



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