Monday, February 7, 2011

One, Two, Three…..

IF only it took me 3 times, but no it took me 5 times to get my current project right.  It’s finally done, but I am waiting for one more thing to come in the mail so that it will be totally complete.

For now I wanted to show you these cute numbers I bought from Hobby Lobby and painted.  They are part of my master plan. 




The numbers are only a few inches tall and were 99 cents each.  I can’t believe I am using more odd numbers than even.  I guess they are growing on me.  I painted them and lightly sanded the edges.

I love the paint I used and  I need to order some more.  It is Faux Effect Faux Crème Color in dark brown. 

I got it from Faux Store.

There are many colors and sizes.  I bought the 2oz tube, but next time I am ordering 8oz. 

I should be showing you the whole thing soon.  Hurry up FedEx delivery because I am getting anxious. 




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