Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Tree Photography Fun

Although I am not a fan of the colored lights that my son and husband love, I do think they are much more fun to photograph.  My son did a good job decorating our first real tree this year. 


I love the shape of the tree and it smells so good, but man it is sucking up the water. 

I played with my camera to get some fun bokeh shots. 






Fun stuff!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas 2012–1st Real Tree

We decided to get a real tree this year.  It’s our first as a family (I have been married 16 yrs).  We loaded up Izzy and headed out in our comfy clothes.


The Boy Scouts sell them every year and we were told by many that they are the place for getting a real tree.



We spotted our tree in less than 2 minutes.


Even though there were tons of trees in the greenhouses and outdoors. 

They wrapped our tree to make it easier to get it home.


A few bottom branches were removed.


And my husband trimmed the end off the tree to allow the water to soak into it.  It saps over when it gets dry. 


Then we headed home and Izzy got to poke her head out the window and enjoy the pretty day.


We unloaded it and set it up. 




Our fake tree is prelit with white lights which I love.  My son and husband have always liked colored lights better.  This year we went with colored lights to go with our real tree.  Might as well make changes all the way around.  AND….I let David decorated it.  Actually I just didn’t to do it so he did.  I will take pics of it later, but for now I got one that just shows the bokeh of the colored lights.


Are you doing anything new this year for Christmas? 


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy-Project 52

This week’s photo theme is happy.  I thought I would join in and share some of the photos I took of my friend’s son.  At the end of the shoot he wanted to play in the leaves.  You can easily see the happiness on his face. 







P52 with Kent Weakley

Friday, November 9, 2012

Monkey on My Camera Lens

I have been booking photo sessions with little ones recently and decided I needed a way to keep the kiddos looking at my camera.  I bought a little stuffed monkey key chain at Hobby Lobby and sewed his butt to a hair band. 


I wrap the band round my lens twice and I have my “pet monkey” sitting on my lens. 


I wish his eyes weren’t so creepy, but I like the rest of him.  I might go back and get the pink poodle and make an extra one.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Find the Light

Have you been thinking about taking some portraits of your kids during this beautiful fall season?  If so I wanted to encourage you to find an area with trees a out an hour or so before sunset.  Pose your kids in front of the sun so that it is behind the creating beautiful backlighting. 

I have done 2 photo shoots recently in a place just like this and the results of the lighting are beautiful. 



If you need tips on photographing in backlight then google it and you will find a ton of information.  I have really enjoyed taking online classes and reading the free info at http://improvephotography.com/

I also have been using my new photo cd packaging that I give to my clients. 


I use custom stamps I ordered and a punch cut out for the name tag.  The insert is my print release and I stamp Thank You on it.  I really like it.  It sure beats the ziplock baggies I was using before. 

I encourage you to go outside this weekend and practice taking photos by using the light and see what you think.  sig


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