Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thinking of Making Some Changes

I am not the type that ever moves furniture or decorates for every holiday.  I will put out a few fall things and a few Christmas things and of course a tree.  I think I am getting better with changes.  At least I think I want to.  My thoughts of change keep drifting to my kitchen and breakfast area.  I know most of you don’t like dated orangey oak. Even though these rooms are a sea of orangey oak,  I am not ready now if ever to paint my cabinets, trim or paneling that goes partially up the wall.  I do think I want to paint my table and my built in hutch.   If you have any other ideas let me know.  I am making this post because I really want the opinion of Miss Mustard Seed.  She graciously agreed to give me some advice. I think she is so talented and I appreciate how willing she is to help anyone that asks.  I will also be glad to hear anyone else’s ideas.  I may chicken out and not do anything, but I know I won’t lift a brush if I don’t get someone else’s opinion on this.

Here is the dining table and chairs.  I want to paint it celery green or some color similar to that and was thinking of doing some distressing and glazing.  Brown glaze or black?  Celery green, another color or leave it alone?



The wall behind this table underneath the stained glass will be getting a black bench with some pillows on it as soon as I can get my husband to help me make it.  I threatened tonight that I might just make it all by myself. 


This rug the table sits on has some celery green in it.




This is the built in hutch.




I have this scallop trim throughout the area.  I want to paint my hutch black and maybe the celery green on the back wall of the shelf area.  Or all black.  Not sure.  But what do you do with the trim?  Leave it oak like the rest of the area or paint it black so it blends with the hutch?



I can borrow some of the dishes from this cabinet to put in the hutch if needed.


Here are some more photos so you can get an idea of the entire area.

IMG_1628 IMG_1639

I recently changed my light shades to white ones and added the jute around the edges.  I tied it on like I did my lamp so that I can remove it when I am ready.

 IMG_1630   IMG_1632 IMG_1633

And I moved my newly acquired scale inside.


Thanks so much for looking and for any thoughts or ideas. 



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