Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dining Area

I have been shopping online for a rug to place under my dining table.  I have found the best selection at CSN online stores.  It has been so  hard to decide which one to pick.  They have thousands to choose from.  While looking at their website I browsed their selection of dining room sets for inspiration. 

I loved this set.  If I had a different house or had the energy and money to totally redo my breakfast area and kitchen, then I would definitely be tempted to buy or simulate this look. 

Hooker Furniture 479-75-201 - Summerglen 48

This is probably more what I will have to do to make it work with what I already have going on in the space.  Hooker Furniture 495-75-200 - Centre Street Round Dining Table

Wouldn’t it be nice to just buy new and already done? 

I am going to buy a new rug.

When I finally decide on a one I will be sure to show you.  If you want to see my dining space as it is right now go here.  If you want to help me shop for a rug and make a choice then go here to browse all of CSN’s rugs.  Leave a comment if you have a suggestion.



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