Sunday, July 11, 2010

Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream

I spent most of Saturday afternoon searching for an ice cream maker.  JC Penney said they only carry them in stock at Christmas.  That seems backward to me, but I don’t work retail.  Walmart said they have been out of them after the first 2 weeks of summer.  I am thinking… so you don’t order more of a good selling product?  But once again who am I to say since I don’t work in retail.  Target was a bust too.  I decided to plead with my husband to see if our neighbor had one and could we borrow it.   He did have one and apparently it is his pride and joy.  He told my husband that if you buy a White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer then you never have to buy another one. 



This was a 6qt model.  It was big and heavy. 

I was a little freaked about using the recipe my neighbor recommended because I don’t do raw eggs, but I have been trying to push back my fears these days and not worry so much. 

IMG_1559 Doesn’t this look like a low calorie and low fat recipe???  NOT.  This recipe filled our 6 qt container because it expands as it freezes.

Here’s the egg and sugar mixture.


And now with vanilla and cream.


I have to tell you something.  Recently, my husband has been helping me and doing things he doesn’t like to do.  It could be because he is on 14 of his 20 days off!  So he is helping me make the ice cream.  Because I decide to take all of these photos (while he shakes his head like I have gone crazy), he is having to do most of the work.  I can’t do much  because I have a camera in my  hand.  I wonder if it will work at dinner time?  Anyway, he said to get a shot of his abs for my blog and he posed.  So I did.  He was just joking, but here they are.  He is in pretty good shape for a guy in his 40s!


He hardly ever wears a shirt!  I think he likes to show off!

Ok so back to the ice cream.  My son loves strawberry ice cream so that is what I wanted to make.


I slightly pureed half of them and my husband thought it should have big pieces of strawberries in it.  Don’t listen to him.  They were like strawberry ice cubes.  I wish I had pureed it all. 

The last part is to add the milk.


Now to assemble it and get the ice and salt going.  My blogging friend Anita, from Going a Little Costal, discussed old fashioned ice cream makers verses new ones with me.  She said she didn’t want one that dealt with the mess of ice and salt.  I think she is a smart woman.  I had memories of my childhood doing it this way, but if you can get good ice cream without all this fuss then do it.




It was  a loud 25 minutes listening to this motor.  We had to stay close by so we could add more ice and salt.

Eventually the water starts to drip out of the bucket when you it is almost done.


And we have strawberry ice cream.


And a happy son.


I am not sure if he is loving it or if he just got a strawberry ice chunk stuck in his mouth.

I hope you enjoyed my recipe post.  You won’t get many of them because I am just not that good in the kitchen.



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