Friday, July 23, 2010

Frugal Fabric Prices

I have been shopping for fabric for my bay window in my breakfast area.  I have looked both online and in stores.  I checked out some fabric swatches from JoAnn’s last weekend.  The retail price is listed below.



It was on sale last week when I visited the store  for 50% off and it was $22 if I went by the price on the fabric.  Today the website lists it for $39.99 and it is currently 40% off.  I am not sure why the sample has one price and online has a different price.  I think it is wise to always check the online price before you go and shop at the store so you can ask for the online price if it is less. 

Today I continued searching for fabric online and found this great online fabric store called

What appears to be the same Waverly fabric at buyfabrics


is listed for $14.95. 

So I checked the price of another fabric.

This Hidden Treasures Lakeside fabric by  Waverly

is $17.95 at buyfabrics and it is regularly $39.99 at JoAnn’s but on sale for $23.99. 

I am not an expert and I am not endorsing buyfabrics.  I just wanted to share with you that if you do a little research then you might save money.  Even though buyfabric will charge shipping, I will not be charged tax.  I am not sure if JoAnns charges a shipping charge when they order specialty fabric or not.  I do know I will be charged tax (8.25% where I live).  I did the math and buyfabric was about $15 less for 3 yards if I bought the Ballad Bouquet fabric.  I hope all of this makes sense.  I feel like a math teacher right now. 

I would love to know if you have any other sites I should visit before I make my selection.  I am really excited to get started because I found a great blog that gave me inspiration for my window treatments.  I will share it with you when I get my project finished, but if you need it now, let me know.



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