Saturday, July 10, 2010

Personal Post

I ran in a relay 15K today called the Palo Duro Hot Dog Run.


The trail was along the rim of Palo Duro Canyon and it was about 45 miles from where I live.  Some people ran the entire race which is 9.3 miles.  I ran the relay and was the middle leg which was 3.1 miles.  The last 3.1 miles are all up steep hills.  Tough stuff.  I am glad that wasn’t my part.  Anyway, this race supports mental illness.  The coordinator's father died by suicide.  My mom also died by suicide on January 5, 2000 at the age of 47.  She would have been 48 on January 14th.  I was 29.  I did a walk in memory of her several years ago so I wore my shirt for that event to the race and I ran for my mom.  I didn’t train for this event and when I ran this week my times were terrible.  I couldn’t get my run in under 30 minutes.  Today I said a prayer and was determined to run the best I could for my mom.  I got my personal best time of 26:10.  I will share some photos with you.  The scenery is beautiful.  It was so foggy on the way down this morning it was very scary.  You can see that the overcast lasted the entire morning.  It made for dreary photos, but great running weather.

Here we go.

I am waiting for my turn to run. 


I have several of these shirts so I cut this one up to make it better for running in.


My husband decided to drive me in his baby car and was not thrilled about parking it in the bar ditch.  





This photo makes me laugh because it looks like the guy is giving me a look for passing him.  Of course it was the end of my 3.1 miles and then end of his 6.2 with 3.1 more to go for him. 


The hand off was a high 5.  I just got through giving a high 5 to my team member and she is taking off. 


This is only part of the hill she had to run up.


This is the view from the top and the finish line.  You can see the 9 miles of road.  You could see it better if it wasn’t so cloudy.


Another view from the top.



Me after the race.

 050 052

Me with my relay team.


On the way home I took photos of the scenery that was part of my run.

053 055

Thanks for sharing my moment with me.



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