Saturday, July 17, 2010

Antiquing on 6th Street

My son and I head to 6th street which is the Old Route 66 to look at a few antique shops and a fabric store.  I happened to have a pocket camera in my purse from vacation so I took some photos as we walked up and down the sidewalk.  I smiled as I noticed several shops have the same names as some of the blogs I visit. 

So come along and take a little mini tour with me. 

My first stop was the fabric shop.  I was looking for fabric to possibly change up my bay window in the breakfast area. 


It is called The Muse.  Isn’t it so cute.  It is cute inside too, but I forgot to take photos.  This is where I got my fabric swatches to make my pillow

Across the street is Mustard Seed.  How can you not think of Miss Mustard Seed when you see this sign?


This is the entrance.


I like this view of it too.


I did take photos in here.  Everything is so beautiful and pricey.

I saw this area as soon as I entered.


I thought these lights were really fun. 


I felt guilty snapping photos for some reason so I took them all really fast.  This pic is dark but you can tell the shape of this window for sale.


Lights after my own heart.  Unusual.  I think this is an apple basket or something similar.  I liked the buckets hanging off of the chain too.  On top of the armoire thing are some wire baskets with burlap lining.  Loved those. 029

Chicken wire!!!  Around a lamp shade!  Trying to figure out how to replicate this. 


Recognize this moss and fungus????  I just put some in a glass brick!  Now when I pull it out I can glue it on a lamp shade if I want and charge $80 for it!



More neat light fixtures.


Next stop the Nest. 


Tons of blogs are all about a nest. 

This is a neat store but there is not a lot of items and it is all very pricey.  They had this really cool root mirror for $300.  Next door at a little dive shop the same mirror was $20. 

I didn’t get a photo of either one, but I found this one on the internet.

I did get a photo of some neat baskets in their window.


They also had some bracelets I am going to try to make.  If I manage to make one I will be sure to post about it.

My son liked this store because it had disabled hand grenades for sale.  They weren’t priced and the lady called us back to tell us they are $20.  He wants to go back and get one.  This store wasn’t as trendy as the others but I really enjoyed my visit and so did my son.


This was in one of my favorite places.  It is an antique mall of sorts called Alley Katz.   It is a large building and people rent spaces out of it.  My husband’s uncle owned it for awhile, but he had to sell it because he has cancer.


My son likes Alley Katz  because it is next door to this store.


He collects old video games and systems.  The 38 yr old guy who owns it is always amazed that my son knows so much about games from 20 to 30 years ago.  

And last but not least is this store.  I didn’t go in because it wasn’t my style of stuff.  The colors were all really bright and I am more of a muted decor kinda person.  But I smile and think of Donna’s blog Funky Junk Interiors and wish her stuff was inside instead.


I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Thanks for coming along. 



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