Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beautiful Night


The rain left and we had an amazing evening on Siesta Key.  Before it got dark, my son and I headed to the beach and we discovered all of these live clam (not sure what kind of mollusk they are) shells being washed out of the sand by the strong waves and then they would burrow back into the sand. 

Here are some photos of them. 

A group of them.  They look like little rocks.


One of them trying to burrow back into the sand.  It is so hard to capture a photo because they are small (about the size of a pinky nail), fast and the waves quickly come crashing back in.


As it got darker all three of us  headed to the “Point of Rocks” .   If my husband couldn’t catch a Tarpon today then we were going to catch little fish with a net at night.  And we did!  It was so fun.

I love this house that is on the point. 


My husband and son are on the point looking for fish. 


A tender moment.  Love it.


IMG_0975  IMG_0977 IMG_0978

We got a shrimp and several little fish.  My husband caught the unique fish and the shrimp, I caught the biggest and my son caught the most.




This is a beautiful house near the point.  I prefer the other one, but wow look at this.  


On our way back we came across this frog built out of sand.  I don’t know how it survived the rain, but I am glad it did.

  IMG_1005 IMG_1006



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