Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Weather. Time to paint.

I stopped at a garage sale Friday and found the ugliest orange table and brown chair. They were $3 each.   The weather was nice so it was time for a painting project.  The chair has yellow and then brown thick coats of paint on it.  I really didn’t care because I wanted to paint it red and place it in my flower bed.  I thought all those thick coats of paint would give it texture and maybe a little protection against the elements. The table was an ugly ugly orange.  The plan for the little table was for it to sit next to the couch, but after I painted it and put it there it was obvious it wouldn’t work.  I wasn’t crazy with how it looked, it didn’t seem like a good fit and my husband said he would stub his toe on it.  So I had to paint it again.  This time I used  black and put it in my entry with a fern (it is artificial but I like it) on the top of it.  I also added a little $1 store frame that I painted with metallic black acrylic paint. 

So here are the before pics.


Can you see my dog in the background?  Notice she has yellow on hair just like the chair?  She had a 3rd surgery on her ear to remove the blood filled tumor she gets from scratching her ears.  The yellow antiseptic won’t wash off and I can’t get her ear wet.  Her stitches are purple.  She looks like an Easter egg! 

Next is the table.


I had sanded it some before I took the photo.  The orange was peeling off and it was gold underneath. 

Here are the after shots.  The pot needs a plant and the mums need to grow around the chair.


This was the first paint job.  I really didn’t like the taupe and burnt umber effect so it didn’t break my heart to paint it again. 


Here it is black with some rust acrylic on the edges for a little distressed look. 



I put it next to my ladder that I have had for a long time.  All of my furniture in my entry is black with a rust color on the edges.






Here is one more pic of my sweet dog watching me take photos.  You can see her shaved ear on her right side but you can’t see the yellow on her head.


I hope you all had a great Easter weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.



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