Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sentimental Shelf



I love family heirlooms.  What better way to decorate than with something special and meaningful.  Treasures for sure.  I have a shelf that displays my husband’s great great grandfather’s watch.  I love it.   I took a black and white photo years ago of my son, husband and father in law that sits behind it.  The topiary, candle and bird candle are just items I like and they help fill up the shelf.  I like pieces that have different heights to make the display more interesting.  I love greens and browns mixed together.    The picture below is one of my favorite photos in the  world.  It is a tender moment of my son and dog.  The candle sconces on either side were kind of a yellow off white color and I rusted them up a bit with a acrylic paint.   I always smile when I see this wall.  I hope you like it too.










Do you have any family treasures displayed in your house?  If so, how did you use them in your decor?



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