Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Glass Insulator Project


I found a small clear glass insulator at a garage sale this weekend for $1.  I just happened to have a stand that it fit into perfectly.  I had an old key and I painted it black.  I got the idea to tie twine around it and add the key from Regan at A Day In the Life Of .  She just finished a table project you can see here and decorated it with  an awesome  jar with a key on it.  Anyway, it definitely helped my insulator take on a look I can love.

I have had this key forever.  Who would have ever known they would be so popular in the decorating world.


I love old things.  I have it displayed next to an old clock my husband’s step mother gave to me. 




Quick inexpensive easy projects that turn out great are the best.  Love them.  I hope you like it too. 



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