Sunday, April 4, 2010

Freshening the front door.

I am not much of a seasonal decorator, but I always change the artificial flowers in by containers by the front doors.  The spring arrangement usually goes through the summer too.  Then fall gets a facelift followed by Christmas.  Not sure if I am loving the white hydrangeas.  I think I want to trade them out for cream colored.  Sometimes house finches come and make a nest in it.  It is so fun to see the birds hatch and grow.  They didn’t come last  year though or this year.  : (



Sometimes the birds build the nest before I get rid of the Christmas greenery.  I have to throw it away once the birds are gone because of all the poop as you are about to see in these pics.

Cute little eggs.  I bet some of you want to use them for decoration!


It was hard to get pics up on a stool while holding your camera downward, but here are the newborns.


They are growing.  Gosh they poop a lot!


Leaving the nest.


Happy Spring



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