Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fantastic Basket

I used a natural color basket and painted it with Rust-Oleum satin moss green spray paint and then used a brown glaze to deepen the green color.  I painted a little frame in Espresso brown and added my favorite number which is 2.  I glued the frame to the basket several times because it just didn’t want to stay.  I think hot glue finally worked.  I have stuff in the bottom of the basket that isn’t cute like my husband’s glasses, pens, coupons, etc.  On top is the good stuff.  I have twine from the dollar store and upholstery piping that I didn’t use on my chair I recently reupholstered.  I rolled the piping into balls and I love the look of it.  I use the twine often so it is handy as well as decorative.  








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