Sunday, April 11, 2010

Outdoor Decorating



I am trying to work up the energy to paint my potting bench my husband made me years ago.  I had him add doors last year.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I stained it all orange!  Here is a peek.


  So I am trying to decide how I want to change it.  Experience has taught me to experiment first!  So I have a little window box shelf that I bought when I was first out of college and very very poor.  It was in the early 90s and hunter green was the color of choice for everything.  Anyone else remember that color?  I just ran across some old hunter green napkins from back in the day that I use to just love.  I forgot to take a before pic so here is the back of the shelf showing the green.


I painted it with some of my paint we used on our house trim and then I glazed it.  I thought I would hang it on my house with one of these.


Have you ever seen them?  It is a brick hanger.  You can get them at Lowes.  I didn’t like it because I had to hang it too high.  It looked like this.  You can see the underneath part that is still hunter green.  I was lazy and didn’t paint it.  I did paint the chicken wire with some bronze metallic acrylic  to make it look rusty. 


So I put it back on my fence where I have had it for years.


Hope  you all had some warm weather this weekend and were able to get outside to do projects or just have fun and relax.



My little $3 red chair has a friend.  I have a bird house table that got a new paint job and I placed it beside the chair.   Still need a plant. 





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