Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pots and Plants and Fire trucks


The weather hasn’t been cooperating with my outdoor agenda.  It has been cold and rainy.  Today I finally saw sunshine, but my projects had to be put on hold because I was invited to eat breakfast at my husband’s fire station.  He went to the airport fire station in January.  I have never been there.  I am so glad I went.  It was really interesting and I got to ride in a truck that looks like this.  I found this photo on the internet. 

arft truck2

And while I was in it it did this.  Minus the fire.

arf truck

My son and I both took a ride in the truck.   These are single men operated trucks and they were built to put out airplane fires. Looks fun huh?   It was and then we got to ride on the airport runways, but in a different truck.   So after breakfast and my fire truck ride I was able to come home and do this.


I trimmed the boxwoods in the flower bed and added mulch.  I also trimmed back the dead stuff on the perennials.  It will look better in a a few weeks.


Then I worked on potting some plants.  I found this cool grapevine ball at the thrift store Friday and it had hideous birds and an ugly bow on it.  You can see it here.

I removed the ugly stuff and put the ball over a plant and a solar light.  I think it looks fun and unique.




I found the spiky plant and Asparagus fern at  Walmart. I have had the metal stakes for a couple of years.  I got them at Hobby Lobby.  They have them again this year.  It keeps the pots looking interesting and in the winter there is something in it when the plant is long gone.


Then I put together these pots.  My little bunny was looking rough so I spray painted him with Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.  I tried to age my pots and they looked pink so I quit. 


I added a metal bird to this one and it has an Asparagus fern and some little red plants (don’t know what they are).  I have another metal stake in this pot.  I like metal. 



This pot has geraniums, a sweet potato vine,variegated vinca, a spiky plant and another little red plant.


I also painted this little pot and added a #2 with a stencil.  I think he will go on my back porch.  For some reason this one looked ok when I painted it with watered down off white paint and bright green paint.  I got the stencils at Hobby Lobby this weekend.  I love the number 2.  I may stencil my whole house with it. 


I hope to get to the back porch next weekend.  Until then.



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