Saturday, April 17, 2010

Light Fanatic


I love lighting.  I have 10 small lights that stay on all the time.  I love it because at night I can see my way around the house.  I am not afraid of the dark.  I just like being able to see and the beautiful glow a small lamp creates.  I know it isn’t very energy efficient.  I did say they were small lights.  Some of my favorite lights are in my family room.  I have decorative plant cages that have small lights at the bottom on either side of my fireplace.  I thought I would share this idea. 




Light on the left side.


And the one on the right.   This one is next to the boxes that I changed up a while back.  You can see the before and after here.


Here is the entire fireplace.  I really  need to clean the soot so ignore that part.   The fireplace has a long hearth.  It is great for extra seating. 


Here are close ups of the lights inside the cages.



And a close up of the cage.  I love the rusty color.  And I just had to add a dainty leafy stem inside. 


Do you have different ways you light up your house?



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