Monday, December 13, 2010

Treasured Christmas Linky Party

My fingers are crossed that I can make this linky party happen. 

My first linky party is all about a Christmas trinket or treasure that is sentimental and important to you.  It can be made, bought, a memory, a gift, etc.

I wanted to share my friendhsip with two special ladies with you.

My mom died by suicide January 5, 2000.  Christmas day was the last day that I saw her alive.  I got through that first year of my mom's suicide by online support groups.  I  met some wonderful people who also experienced the loss of a loved one by suicide.  I am still friends with several of these ladies almost 11 years later. 

One of my dear friends lost her youngest son to suicide, then her middle son to a drunk driver and then her oldest son to sleep apnea.  All within about 7 to 8 years.  I met her after the middle son died.  She is older and in poor health.  I wanted to show her that she was loved so I flew to Phoenix to visit and stay with her for a weekend.  She has shown me love many times with special gifts.  I always get tamales in the mail at Christmas from my dear friend.  One year she sent me a special ornament from Russia.  Her friend brought him back for her to give to me when he visited the country.  I just love it.

 I just love my Russian Santa with the snow globe.  Isn't he beautiful?

I made another life long friend in Michigan, but we have never met.  She lost her husband to suicide and had to raise 3 small children.   We have chatted through the loss of her mother to cancer last November and through her first breast cancer treatment and now her relapse.  She isn't crafty and doesn't want to be crafty.  With that being said I think it is even more special that she made me an ornament.  It has a dainty feather and glitter inside a clear ball that has a rainbow effect to it.  Attached is a special saying:

I'm from your Guardian Angel
Who's been assigned to you
She dropped this in her struggles
As she protected you
Each time you feel alone
Each time you nearly fall
I'm here to remind you
You're not alone at all. 

Isn't my ornament beautiful?  I love it. 

Out of tragedy came friendship and love that I will treasure forever and these ornaments are a special reminder every Christmas. 

Ok now that I have wrote a novel show me what you treasure.  I can't wait to see what you treasure at Christmas time.


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