Sunday, December 12, 2010

Flannel Corn Pillows

My family loves to stay warm in the winter.  We keep our fireplace going day and night and cuddle with blankets on the couch.  We also use corn pillows.  We LOVE them.  We are down to one pillow and we are all fighting over it.  My son has worn his out and it’s been years since I made any.  I also wanted to make some for gifts. 

I started by cutting flannel material into 12x12 squares.  I sewed up all but one end on my sewing machine.



I opened up the unsewn end and put 8 cups of corn into the pillow.


I highly advise that you buy the extra clean corn. Last time I bought regular corn and it was so dirty I thought I might die from an allergy attack.   I bought this bag at a local sporting goods store called Academy.  A tractor and farm supply store or feed store would also carry it.  The dirty bag last time came from a feed store.


Next I pinned the open end and sewed it shut.


I ended up with all of these corn pillows.




I had to test one out.  It goes into the microwave for 3 to 3 and half minutes.

I placed it on my feet and I was sooo happy to have warm feet anytime I want because my son has been hogging our only corn pillow we had until now.


This patchwork one is my favorite so I am claiming it. 

You can also make hand warmers the same way. 

I cut 6x6 squares and put 1 cup of corn in each.  Microwave for 45 seconds to 1 minute. 


While my sewing machine was out I had to sew Ducky’s wing.  My son is 12 and still carries his stuffed duck through the house and rubs on one wing.  I have repaired this wing many times.


Can you see his new white thread clashing against the dirty gray wing?  Poor Ducky, but he is well loved. 

I hope you make some corn pillows for yourself and your family.  They are great to put at the end of your bed under the covers to keep your feet warm.  They also feel good when you have a belly ache. 

UPDATE:  Kathy @ Oregon Gifts of Comforts and Joy let me know about her post making corn pillows.  If you would like to see her version using tube socks then go here and check it out.



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