Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Better Blogger in 2011

My improvement plans are simple.

1.  I need to be a better blogger by being a better commenter.  I forgot where I read how to comment recently, but I tend to do what they said was a no no.  I think of all the things I really like about a post, but I just type a generic “great job” comment more often than not.  No more of that!  I will be Mrs. Meaningful or at least try really hard to be more like Hallmark and send the very best.

2. I will not freak if I haven’t completed something and posted about it.  I will post when I post and that is all I can do as a working mother and wife.  I ran out of Christmas ideas fast this year.  I think I was worn out from Halloween and Fall since I did more than I usually do for those holidays.  It felt pretty good to recognize I had nothing to show off and be ok with it. 

This WILL NOT  be my motto.

3. I will be taking awesome photos by 2012.  I am giving myself a year to learn.  I think I am gonna need it.  I saw the most amazing pieces of photo artwork done by a senior in high school at my doctor appointment yesterday.  She really inspired me.

Here is a sample of her work.


Photo by McKay Moran

I will also learn about Photo Shop Elements even if it kills me which I think it might.

4. I will not lose any emails or comments my readers send to me.  I did a lot of that last year.  I will learn to be more organized with my messages.  I don’t always respond back unless someone asks a question.  I tried responding to every comment in the beginning and I would stay up late at night to get it done.  It caused me to be exhausted for work the next morning.  No one wants or needs an exhausted dental hygienist with sharp instruments in their mouth.  However, if I am asked a question I do give an answer.

5. I will try to do more linky parties as soon as I wrap my head around a good way to do them. 

6.  When I link to a party I will do a better job of commenting on other links. It is impossible to comment on them all, but I need to try to visit several that catch my eye.  I hit and miss with this.  That darn thing called a job usually gets in my way.  My friend Anita @ Going A Little Coastal is an awesome linky party commenter. 

I am sure there are a ton of other things I should and will improve, but this is all my one cup of coffee brain came up with this morning. 

I have the week off and it is so great!  I really needed a break.



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