Monday, December 27, 2010

Painted Urns

My last project I posted about was December 12th.  I have been working on a wall and table top redo, but I didn’t want to post about it smack in the middle of Christmas decoration posts. 

I am ready to share part of my redo.  I went to one of my favorite stores and found some urns for a pretty good price.  Just about everything in this store screams my name, however, the prices usually scream bankruptcy. 

The store has home décor, lawn and garden supplies, outdoor furniture/décor as well as plants and flowers.  It is a greenhouse and then some.

Pete's Greenhouse

I have to go back to get something tomorrow.  I might take a camera and ask if I can take photos. 

So I am browsing around.  I went there to look at pots, but ended up browsing the whole store in. Christmas décor was 1/2 off and I was tempted, but I just don’t’ want to put away any more Christmas stuff so I passed.  As my want meter is about to explode I found these 2 urns and think they are pretty affordable so I grab them.  As I continue to browse in another area, I find the same urn container for more than twice the price.  That sealed the deal and I bought them. 

They were green.  Anyone who has been reading my blog knows my love for greens.  Not this green.  It was a weird green that didn’t go with anything.  So my other love is rust. 

I painted them n a nice rust Autumn Brown color and let them dry.


It is hard to tell how funky the green is in the pic.  The Autumn Brown paint is still drying in the photo.

After the paint dried, I used a scraggly paint brush and some black paint to dry brush the urn and take away the starkness of the solid paint and give the urn some depth. 


Dry brushing is my all time favorite way to paint.  It is aimless like me and  it the paint is instantly dry. 

Soon you will see what I will be doing with my urns. 

What are you doing this week?  Resting, organizing, or changing things up?



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