Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Climbing The Walls

That is what I think about when I look at another addition to my wall area I am redoing.  The wall was big and blank.  I usually only showed a cropped photo of it because the area needed more.  Even my husband who never notices things mentioned it.  I really like the expensive Ballard long mirrors I saw in the catalogs.

Bella Mirror

$249.00 - $369.00

I needed 2 so I just couldn’t’ see spending that kind of money and I already have 2 mirrors in the room.  I think 4 is a bit much perhaps. 

So I bought a pair of cheap primitive lightweight ladders.  One little nail easily holds these in place. 


Definitely not as elegant as the mirrors but at $15 a piece they are much more affordable and when I tire of them I won’t feel guilty. 

With only one nail I hope no one decides to try and climb up the wall. 




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