Friday, December 31, 2010

How to Make a Silhouette Photo and a Few Other Tricks

I took some photos for my friend and his wife yesterday.  She is due in February. I walked past the nursery window and had this great idea for a photo.  The sun was going down and it was bright in the window and I wondered if it would make a silhouette when I took a photo.

Yep it did.


And I just love it. 

Here is another one I took that I really like.


Same window with the blinds down but before the sun was setting as much.

I created the white edges using Picnik.


I used the Create tab and the Matte choice in Effects.  It removed the green curtain and softened the photo and let her be the focus. 

I loved this own too.


I wish I could remember what all I did to get this look because I like it.

I really like how happy they look in the next shot.  Aren’t they adorable?  You know they will have one cute baby.


I am taking an online lesson right now for Photoshop Elements.  I just completed lesson one so I will be moving on from Picnik to Photoshop in the near future with any luck and determination. 

My friend Anita at Going a Little Costal told me about the class.  The class is taught by Kim at Kim Klassen Café and it is called Photoshop The Skinny.

Kim is Johnny on the spot with returning emails and so helpful.

Go here to check out her blog. 




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