Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Painted Battery Operated Tea Lights

Harsh contrasts bother sometimes.  That is why I wasn’t liking this white tea light in a bronze lantern.


So I got out some acrylic paint and slapped a coat on a plastic battery operated tea light in less than a minute.  I needed to test the paint anyway because I plan on painting a frame with it this week. 



Now that’s better.


Here’s a peak at what I am doing with my newly painted urns. 


PS  I tried some photo tips I read in Censational Girl’s post today and they worked. Go here to check it out.  You have to tweak the settings according to your lighting situation, but it gives you a place to start.  I couldn’t figure out how not to blow out the color on the white candle.  I tried to focus on just that one, but the camera kept reading the color of the darker candle.  At least I think that is what happened. 




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