Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Magnet Numbers

I am working on a project for my wall and it needed some accessories.  I love numbers and I think they make everything look better.  Home Depot has some plastic and aluminum house numbers for about a $1.30. 


I got several different numbers, but I used the 8 to show you what I did with them.  They are all even because odd numbers don’t do it for me. 

The nail holes had to go.


Who says wood filler has to be used on wood?



I squirted some into the holes and then wiped it smooth.


While it dried, I cut up sticky magnet strips and attached them to the back of the number.



Then I used a Sharpie paint pen to paint the filler black.


I used a dry brush technique to paint the numbers. I put very little paint on the brush.  The older and rattier the brush the better. 


Then I  brushed the paint back and forth onto a paper plate so that it barely marks the plate.  Now you are ready to paint your number.  Use broad quick brush strokes onto the number.  After a few strokes you will probably need to reload your brush with some paint.


See very little paint gets on the brush or plate.  The paint is  usually dry immediately.  Bonus!

I used different paint colors for my numbers but they are all kind of a muted color.  The lighting tonight was bad.  It was very dark when I took this photo.


I hope to show you the other project soon. 




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