Sunday, October 10, 2010

It’s Always Good To Get Away and To Be Back Home

The weather in San Diego was beautiful.  Unfortunately we didn’t have a lot of time to enjoy it.  The view from our seminar room looked like this.




It was hard to not want to play. 


I wanted to ride a bike, peddle a boat, or read a book by the bay. 

I could even walk across the street and ride this.  Or maybe just think about riding it.  My 40 yr old self and roller coasters aren’t as good of friends anymore. 


But it  could be fun to ride to the top and see these flags up close and personal.


I did manage to get in one morning run down this neat pedestrian street for walkers, bikers, and runners.  I loved passing all the different condos.


The street had condos on one side and the beach on the other side.  I would be one fit girl if I could run here all the time.   The scenery and the other exercisers just make you want to get out and be a part of it all.


I loved San Diego and enjoyed my stay, but I was ready to come home to these guys.


And work on a commitment I made while I was away.  I WILL prioritize and make sure my family is not neglected while I pursue my love of blogging.  I really think for me that just means learning how to manage my time better and being ok with things taking longer if life gets in the way. 

With that said I would love to know how any of you manage and prioritize your time so that your family doesn’t get neglected.   Please share if you have some great tips. 

I also wanted to thank my new followers.  I take a lot of pride in my blog and that I have people who want to follow me.  I even mentioned this out loud in front of everyone in my dental seminar. 




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