Monday, October 11, 2010

Floral Arrangement Tutorial

Several bloggers requested the tutorial so I tried to create one.  If you still have any questions after you read this please let me know.

Because I used a huge container for my fall floral arrangement, I had to fill it up.  I stuffed it with a newspaper and ads.  The newspaper makes a good base because it has some give to it and yet it also holds everything in place well.


Here are all of my floral stems.


I have 4 twiggy type stems.  Sorry I don’t know the proper name for some of this stuff. 


I used 2 leaf bushes.


A grass bush.  That sounds funny.  If you have a better name please tell me.


And 5 floral stems that contain a variety of things such as a hydrangea, berries, leaves and a pheasant feather. 


I bought all of these last year. If you wait for them to be 50% off, your arrangement won’t cost so much.

First I added the grass bush and the twiggy stems.  I put 2 twiggy stems on either side of the grass and placed all of it in the center of the can.


Next I added one leaf bush in the front and one in the back and worked with them until they circled the stems and grass.


The 5 floral stems were added last.  I probably could have used 6, but I just put the bare spot in the back. 


Once you put them all in you will want to play with it all a bit until you get the look you like.  I had to pull the leaf bushes up a bit and fluff them.  I made sure the hydrangeas were around the edge of the container. 


I think one of the easiest ways to arrange flowers is to to have a variety of height.  It makes it much more interesting. 

I hope this helped and you will create a beautiful fall arrangement.  If you do let me know.  I would love to see it. 




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