Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dermatology Drama

It seems we have a lot going on in our home that involves skin.  My husband is scheduled for a Mohs (read about it here)  surgery on Monday.  He has basal cell carcinoma on his temple.  Basal cell is easier to treat and not deadly like melanoma.  Remember to use sunscreen! 

My son and I have had allergy immunotherapy through injections in the past.  It helped his chronic stuffy nose. 

For the last 2 maybe 3 weeks, my son will become itchy at bedtime and scratch.  Whelts will break out on his stomach, back, legs and arms.  S0metimes his face.  I rub cortisone on it and he takes Bendaryl and it goes away quickly.  I can’t come up with any changes that would bring this reaction on and I am not sure why it seems to happen at night.  I thought hot showers were causing it, but last night it occurred pretty late and with no shower.  I am going to share photos with you in hopes someone might know what is happening to him.  I am making an appointment with the dermatologist next week. 





We scratched a “D” on him and it began to appear.  This is not a fun way to do monograms.


Does anyone have any advice or ideas? 



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