Sunday, August 1, 2010

Window Treatment Part One

Why is nothing ever as easy as you think it will be?  I have 2 bay windows.  The one in the front living room has curtains.  I thought it was the same as the kitchen bay window.  Not a chance.  The walls are at a angle in the kitchen so I had to improvise and use corner connectors from Bed Bath and Beyond.


They do this.



I didn’t buy the rods from Bed Bath and Beyond because they would have been $100 plus.  I got them at Target for about $30.  Well the connector only works on the telescoping end so I had to cut one in half and make both ends of the middle rod have telescoping ends.  Not a big deal, but I am not sure how the manufacturer thinks they are suppose to work without doing that. 

Here is the entire hardware waiting for me to have time to sew.  My reunion took up my entire weekend and I am leaving Thursday for a trip to Ruidoso, NM. 




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