Sunday, August 29, 2010

2 More Pine Cone Additions to the Mantel

What do you do with left over pine cones after you use them on a frame?   You make a pine cone ball. 


When the idea hits you panic because it is late at night and you have already made several trips the the craft store this weekend.  So you find what you can use that you already have and you feel a little guilty for covering something you like with pine cones for the sake of fall.


You glue on pine cones while

watching your son do this.


His grandpa gave him the helmet.


And I was a little jealous while watching my dog do this. 


She looks so terrible shaved, but her coat is very soft like cotton and gets matted easily.  She has to be shaved about twice a year. 


And because I am now obsessed with pine cones I also had to make this.



The pine cones were collected during a walk with my son.  When I first glued them to the grapevine wreath the blended too much into the wreath. I lightly dry brushed some green acrylic paint onto the edges of the pine cones.



The green goes with my candles already on the mantel and now they have some contrast to the wreath.

IMG_3638 IMG_3639

You can paint them even more if you would like by pushing the brush inside onto the scale of the cone.

Here is an example of one with more paint on it. 


I am trying to decide if I should post about the whole mantel yet?  I know it isn’t even September and I have gone fall crazy, but I have never had a fall mantel before. I think that give me a free pass to do fall decorating in August.



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