Sunday, August 22, 2010

Battle of the Badges

My husband is a firefighter.  He recently made captain.   To promote you have to study and take a really hard test and come out in the top and then someone has to be retiring so you can take his/her place.  There are 2 spots available for this test and my husband got one of them.  Ok enough bragging but I am really proud of how well my husband always does during promotional exams and I know this will make him smile when he reads it.

Because being a firefighter or a law enforcement officer is very dangerous and demanding, an organization called the 100 Club exists.

Amarillo, Texas 100 Club

The mission of the 100 Club of Amarillo is to:

  • Provide assistance to the families of certified peace officers and firefighters who are killed in the line of duty while protecting our lives and property.

  • Provide assistance to certified peace officers and firefighters who are seriously injured while protecting our lives and property.

  • Provide law enforcement and firefighting agencies with life protecting equipment that cannot be secured through budgeted funds and agencies.

  • Provide certified peace officers and firefighters with educational opportunities.

One of the ways the club raises money is Battle of the Badges.  It is a  boxing match where are law enforcement vs. Firefighters.

(images borrowed from the Battle of the Badges website)

I am not a violent person but I love watching this event especially because the firefighters always win. This was the 3rd annual event and last night the firefighters did it again and won.  They only lost one fight out of 12 matches. 

There is a reason firefighter calendars exist.  Most of those guys stay in great shape and last night it showed.

They are pretty cute too.  You can’t see their faces until the fight is over and they take off the head gear.

The firefighters wear red and the cops wear blue.

I was so proud of our firefighters last night. 

I am usually pretty quiet at social events and prefer to stay home.  My husband was shocked because I screamed and yelled the entire night. 

I hope we never need the help of  the 100 club, but I am so grateful it exists. 



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