Friday, August 27, 2010

My Son Made a Sign. Well Sort Of.

My husband is finally working on my bench I have been begging him to make from Knock Off Wood.


I know some of you gals can do this on your own.  I have not become one of those gals yet.  Notice I said yet.  Someday I want to not fear this kind of project.  For now I will let my husband build it especially because he secretly likes it when I blog about him. 

Anyway, I let my son use a wood burner to play with some of the extra wood pieces.  This is what he made.


Don’t you think it should say Dad and Mom?  Me too.  Oh well, I thought it was cute.  Of course he had to try to burn a hole all the way through the wood and broke the tool.  So now I have no love and no wood burning tool, but I will have a finished bench soon.



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