Friday, August 20, 2010

More Rusty Weights

My son and I went to a community garage sale at our civic center today.  One vendor had the best stuff.  I was immediately drawn to some rusty weights.  Last weekend I made fishing weights out of styrofoam that looked rusty and this time I scored  already made weights. They might be European because they are in kg instead of  lbs.   I love them!!!!  I actually bid on something similar last weekend on EBay but I lost the auction.   After my rusty haul last weekend and my rusty haul this weekend, my son has informed me that I would buy rusty dog poop.  I don’t think he has the same fondness that I do for rust. 

Ok enough jabbering.  Here they are.


Are they not the coolest?  Does anybody use that word anymore?  I feel so lucky to have found them.  They have a neat stamp thing on the top of them.  I am not sure what the stamp is for, but I like it.



I have a lot of trouble decorating my side tables in my living room, but I am really happy with this arrangement.  I used more books from the father in law stash that I recently acquired. 

In the Restoration Hardware catalog they are selling uncovered book bundles for $29 (plus shipping) as seen here.

Antiqued Uncovered Book Bundles

You can do this for free if you have some old books lying around.  I didn’t have the heart to tear off the cover of one of my father in law’s books, but one of them already had the hard cover missing so I used it on my table.

I also found this caliper (I guess that is what it is) from the same vendor.


If I decide to diet then I can pinch my fat with it and see if it is shrinking. 


I already had the frame.  It was on clearance a while back from Hobby Lobby.  I have enough photos of my son or dog around the house so I printed a “d” and stuck it in the frame. 

I also bought a finial from the same guy.


And some sanding blocks. 


He had a ton of them. 

I got the 3 weights, calipers, finial and 3 sanding blocks for $9.  I think it was a bargain.

I didn’t get so lucky at our thrift stores.  Our stores carry terrible  stuff at high prices.  An ugly side table that looked like a rat gnawed on it was $40.  It is ridiculous.  I seriously don’t know how they ever get rid of their inventory. 

Did you find anything you are excited about?  I would love to hear about what you found and what you did with it.


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