Sunday, August 15, 2010

Presto Chango Lamp Shade

When I was a little girl,  Sunday school class often involved a Bible story with felt cut outs that represented parts of the story and they were placed on the board as the story was told.  I was always mesmerized with these lessons and loved if I was called to help place the felt pieces onto the board.

Sometimes my mind is blank and empty and it scares the bejeezes out of me.  I think oh my gosh, “ How will I blog if I have nothing!?!”  And then there are times that  my mind is so full of ideas that it just won’t quit.  This weekend is one of those times.  I had a great idea to use felt silhouettes on a lamp shade so that it can change with the seasons, holidays or mood.  It could be so fun for a kids room too!

Ok are you ready to see what I am talking about?  I am pretty excited to show you because I think it is so fun and easy.

Here is a plain lamp shade. 


Doesn’t stop you in your tracks does it?


So with some felt pieces and silhouettes (I googled silhouettes for whatever shape I wanted such as “bird silhouette”),


you can have a lamp shade that looks like this. 





These stayed on for hours until I removed them so the idea works. 

Want to see more?

How about a pine cone?


A pumpkin.


And the ever popular bird on a branch.


I love it even more with the lamp turned on.


I hope you think this is as fun as I do. 

Thanks for stopping by.


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