Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Thank You and an Apology

I have found blogging to be rewarding in many ways.  For me the best part is getting to know such great people.  One such person is Michelle.  She really liked my post about displaying my vacation shells because she loves all things beachy.  She shared with me that she collects sand from all the beaches she visits.  I told her that I wished I had brought home some sand with my shells and she offered to send me some.  I expected a small box containing a little sand in a bag.  I should never under estimate a blogger buddy. 

Let me show you what I received in the mail.

My box decorated of course with a beautiful flower.


And several individually wrapped items tied with beautiful ribbon along with my expected bag of sand.


I opened the packages to find so many fun surprises.

A decorated bingo card with a sand dollar from Destin, FL.


A great glass bottle filled with sand.


A bingo tile holder with SUMMMER spelled out.


Here’s my gifts with with my vacation shells.



And I got a beachy card that has a print of  my favorite beach, 7 mile beach in Grand Cayman.  There was a nice note inside.


Thank you so much Michelle for making my day. 

And now for the apology. 

I have recently received 2 blogger awards.  I have been so busy that I have lost track of the emails I received.  I was trying to think of who to pass them too and before I knew it one week turned into several.  I am very sorry and I truly do appreciate that 2 people felt my blog was worthy of an award. 

I am going out of town tomorrow morning.  I still need to pack.  I am trying to do laundry and clean right now and in 3 minutes it will be tomorrow.  After this trip I have to get ready for school to start.  Life always seems so busy.   It will be nice for our family to have some time together before then to enjoy a trip to Ruidoso, NM. 

Thanks for reading and following.




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