Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 7 Update

My husband was out fishing and was lucky enough to meet a man who is sponsored by the company Trout Magnet and the guy hooked up my husband with some fishing gear that really does work like a magnet.  So while he was away David and I hung out at the cabin.  There is an area where the rafting supplies are stored and some of the trips end.  It is a slow wide area of the river and David wanted to swim in it.  We walked over and one of the rafting guides was putting away supplies.  I asked if David could swim and he asked if David wanted to plunge off a rock into the river?  David immediately says yes and the guy hooked him up with a life jacket and a lesson.  I put together a slide show of “The Plunge”.

The Plunge

Well that didn’t work and I am very limited on internet time so here are the photos instead.

The lesson.

IMG_1957 copy

IMG_1958 copy

The safety rope just in case.

IMG_1959 copy

IMG_1960 copy

IMG_1964 copy

IMG_1974 copy

IMG_1975 copy

IMG_1976 copy

IMG_1977 copy

IMG_1978 copy

IMG_1979 copy

IMG_1982 copy

There he is!

IMG_1983 copy

The swim to shore.

IMG_1984 copy

IMG_1985 copy

IMG_1986 copy

IMG_1987 copy

What a nice man to give David such a fun opportunity. 



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