Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vacation Day 6 and 7

Yesterday was spent in Crested Butte.  The area is beautiful in every direction and the town has that quirky mountain vibe I like.  Dogs are welcome up and down the sidewalks, fun and good places to eat are abundant and there is so much to look at as you enjoy strolling through town. 

Before we visited the town, we traveled to Lake Irwin.  Driving and riding doesn’t seem like much of a chore when you have views like this one.


We saw patches of snow along the way.  My son really wanted to stop and touch it so we did. 


The dogs had to play in it too.



Little did we know that we would be walking through lots of snow when we arrived at the lake.

On the way up we saw a Marmot.

IMG_1748 copy

As we continued towards the lake we saw more and more snow.  I believe it snowed about a week and a half ago in the area and the Lake Irwin just thawed for the first time this week.  Last week it was still covered in ice. 

We reached the lake and it was beautiful.

IMG_1836 copy

IMG_1828 copy

IMG_1821 cop2y

IMG_1822 cop2y

Some of the picnic areas were still covered in snow.

IMG_1810 copy

IMG_1809 copy

Neither dog seemed to mind walking in it which was a good thing because there was lots of snow on the trail we took to a waterfall.



We enjoyed the views for a bit.

IMG_1785 copy_edited-1

IMG_1792 copy

Everything we did seemed to be in the middle of the day with the sun glaring.  I am really struggling with photos here.  It is hard to get the right exposures for the light snowy mountains and sky and then also for the dark trees and rocks.  And all of our photos have shadows on our faces. 

See those boots David is wearing?  I put on a pair later and we both walked back to the waterfall walking in as much snow as possible.  It was fun.  Sometimes there was sink holes and your foot would fall into the snow up to the top of your boot.  I got really sunburned.  I wasn’t thinking about sunscreen while I was playing in snow. 

After the waterfall visit, we went back to the lake to do MORE a little fishing.  I have to tell you I am fished plum out.  My husband and I are very much opposites when it comes to many things including fishing. 

The scenery helped make the fishing better. 


This view was to our left of our fishing spot by the dam.

IMG_1841 copy

IMG_1846 copy

I couldn’t take anymore fishing so I took Izzy down a little trail by our truck behind the dam and that’s when I discovered the real waterfalls.  There were two of them and my photos don’t do them justice because the intense sun reflected off of the water.

I stumbled upon this one first.



As I continued down the trail I saw this next one.

IMG_1858 copy

IMG_1860 copy

The big waterfall was long.


When I got back from my discovery, my husband was finally ready to take us into town for a late lunch.  I had to show them my waterfalls first of course.

We drove into Crested Butte and I just loved it.  The buildings are colorful and most of them have beautiful flower beds, boxes or hanging baskets. 

IMG_1891 copy

IMG_1893 copy

IMG_1870 copy

IMG_1876 copy

Look how big these hanging flower baskets are.

IMG_1877 copy

Another thing I notice right away were all of the colorful bikes parked and in use.

IMG_1875 copy

I think I would have a bright yellow one with a wicker basket on the front and a metal basket on the back if I lived there. 

We ate some great food and then strolled with the dogs along the sidewalk.

IMG_1879 copy_edited-2

When my husband walks our puppy he uses this silly voice.  Her leash and collar are pink.  Some of our cabin neighbors caught him telling her in his funny voice to go potty.  He came back to the cabin and said he needed to go back out and talk about manly stuff in his deep voice.  We laughed and laughed. 

I found a cute breakfast and lunch place that shared my puppy’s name.  When I stopped for a photo in front of it, someone from the store brought us out a bagel.  Izzy was in heaven liking it.

IMG_1887 copy

IMG_1889 copy_edited-1

There were lots of buildings with charm.  I only have a couple to share with you.

This building use to be City Hall and now it is a store.

IMG_1890 copy

Have you noticed there always seems to be a bicycle parked close by? 

This next building is a private residence.  It is super fun and quirky.

IMG_1903 copy_edited-1use

IMG_1897 copy_edited-1

That’s what I call recycling.

Today we just went to Gunnison for a country breakfast and my son and I felt like hanging out at the cabin for our last day.  My husband went fishing.  I bet you are surprised by that. 

We had a little change in plans for tomorrow.  Instead if heading home we are going to spend the night in Red River, New Mexico.  We have gone there almost every year since my son was one and he loves the place.  It will help break up the long drive home so I am ok with it. 

You will have to let me know if my post had made you want to play in the snow, buy a white schnauzer or 2 to take on vacation, fish, get a bicycle, collect license plates to use as siding on your home or buy or make a big hanging flower basket.  Smile



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