Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vacation Day 3 and 4

We did a little exploring on day 3 of our vacation.  First we drove up the canyon where Taylor river flows from Taylor lake.  We are staying in Almont, Colorado. It is a small town between Gunnison and Crested Butte.  The canyon seems to start at our cabin area.


The river is behind the cabins and can be seen from the decks.


Do you like the fishing boot on top of the hot tub?  Cute huh?  I am not sure why it’s there.  Maybe it is drying out.

As we headed down the canyon, we stopped along the way to let the dogs walk around and my husband did some fishing. 



This river is used for rafting trips and we had one booked for the next day. 

We kept driving until we reached Taylor lake.  What a beautiful place.  We will be fishing on this lake Monday morning at 7am in a pontoon boat.




We keep being out in the middle of the day and it messes with my photos.  I had to really edit the pics of us to make them even look decent.


IMG_1395 copy

While my  husband was booking our boat rental for Monday I snapped some pics of a pretty little humming bird. 


Then the bird landed and stayed still for a split moment.

IMG_1417 copy

At the base of the dam my husband did some MORE fishing.  It’s his thing.  Not mine.  He did catch a good sized brown trout during a bad fishing time of day.



Later that evening we went to some ponds to ….you guessed it….do more fishing.  I tried to fish and got some nibbles, but I never landed one.  The area was kind of pretty and there was a neat little bridge that I liked.



Day 4 started a little late.  Our older Schnauzer acted really funny at 1am and was barking and barking.  We worried that there could be a bear, but maybe she just had to go to the bathroom.  My husband bravely took her out.  We kept hearing weird noises after that, but we still aren’t sure what was wrong with the dog.  Everyone slept in a bit and we hung out at the cabin our cabin at Three River’s Resort is also the rafting headquarters. I bought the cd pics of our adventure.  I loved rafting and wanted to go again, but I can’t get anyone to join me a 2nd time.

Image # 025x

Image # 026

At the halfway mark we changed positions.

Image # 116

When we finished rafting, we changed clothes and headed to Pappy’s restaurant at Blue Mesa Reservoir in Gunnison for dinner.  I had the best vegetable pizza.  Yum.

IMG_1544 copy

Here’s the view from the deck.  This is just one little area of the lake.  It is really big.  You can tell it is dry here too.  There was a ton of snow, but no rain. 


It’s an early day tomorrow so I am headed to the shower and to bed.  My husband went out for evening river fishing.  Hmmm imagine that.



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